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Kung Fu Master 3D

"This is a story about a kung fu master who uses his skills to dodge rockets, mines, and bullets and destroying his enemies. This game is a visual treat to your eyes with an amazing environment that is procedurally generated so that it will never repeat and you are presented with a new and different environment each and every time"


Color Human 3D

"​The twist is that the player can blast all the obstacles with a tap that is easy to play but really hard to master."


Count stairs

"​Collect, multiply and make your path with the stairs you have."


About us

We are a hyper-casual game studio and our focus is to crush the mobile gaming market with our latest snackable and addictive games that have appealing visuals and awesome gameplay. We are trying our best to improve day by day in every possible way and to publish our games with the top publishers on the market. We have been developing games for several years and we mainly developed our games on the Unity platform, Thought we are mobile game developers and publisher games in every possible platform you can find most of our latest and greatest games on the App Store but you can want the trailer or gameplay of all our games on our Youtube Channel and we publish our games' source code on SellMyApps. We are ready to partner up with you guys so if you have some doubts, feedback, suggestions or want to work with us do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Interest

We like developing games using the Unity platform. We like iterating through multiple prototypes in a short span on time. Our goal is to iterate and innovate to find the most satisfying and interesting game mechanic which would potentially be the next bit game on the mobile game market specifically Ultra Casual Gamming Market.